About the movie

Directors statement: The film is a journey back to the film medium in its earliest trembling steps, thousands of years before the invention of the film camera, back to when it was just light and shadows. It´s a shadow puppet play about love, life and death.

Little Dragon was involved in the process from the very beginning. It was like Santas workshop. We were all cutting and drawing to construct the environment and the puppets. Then controlling the puppets together. Contrary to when working with a music video, Little Dragon composed the music after the movie was shot. An important principle throughout the production was to do everything the old analogue way, not in post production with digital techniques. Every shot was rehearsed multiple times. Then shot, live, with numerable puppet players controlling the figures and elements. Sometimes we were 15 people controlling different small elements of the scene simultaneously; one controlling the little bird, another the girl, four people controlling the wind, yet six controlling the fires all over the image. Some shots were so difficult and complex that we had to reshoot up to 200 times.

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